Locally Focussed Globally Positioned

Pegg Capital has a global view of investing and views capital solutions differently than others.

We invest in companies that make a positive impact on society that also adds value to our customers.

We see things differently

Pegg Capital has a jurisdictional appropriate international tax-effective investment fund for our customers.

PEGG Capital is a Malta-based investment fund, founded by finance professionals from investment and corporate backgrounds, with affiliate offices spanning across the globe. Our private investments lie in unique and undiscovered opportunities in Asia and various emerging markets, allowing us to provide investors with above-average returns.

We have been identifying investment opportunities that make a positive impact on society since 2007.

We invest in


PEGG Property both invests & introduces capital into select property and master planned communities.


PEGG Resources both invests & introduces capital into niche natural resource that covers anything mined or collected in raw form. 

New Energy

PEGG Energy both invests & introduces capital into niche and specialist new energy assets and related service providers.

Digital & Tech

PEGG Digital both invests & introduce capital into digital assets including Data Centers, Hardware, Software providers, and Technology platforms.

Our Team

PEGG Capital is comprised of capital-raising financial professionals, with over 20 years each of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and investment management, with significant expertise in capital management, business strategy and restructuring, equity, and hybrid investments.

The PEGG team establish long-term relationships with our clients by providing independent, tailored advice to achieve unique solutions.

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